No Honor + No Code = A-ROD

Game 6: Red Sox vs. Yankees

– A-Rod has no code.  He has no honor.  Why did A-Rod slap at the ball like a little girl?  Why did he whine about it after when they called him out?  Because he has no code.  He has no honor.  Who would want to win this way?  The announcer (Tim McCarver, of course) said that it was a good move by A-Rod because if he gets away with it, he’s safe, and if he doesn’t do it, he’s out anyways.  That’s garbage.  With a game on the line, what would have happened if the umpires didn’t reverse the call?  The Yankees might have gone on to win the game, not because of an error by the other team, but by an umpiring error.  The fact that A-Rod would force the umpires into such a position where they would have to decide the fate of the game by making a rare and controversial call shows that he has no code, he has no honor.  And his weasel-like move directly caused the incitement of the New York crowd (New Yorkers are insane) and the presence of the police on the field for a half inning.  No honor.  No code.  None.

– Bottom of the ninth.  Two out.  Yanks down by two, two men on, Tony Clark at the plate.  I have watched Tony Clark strike out about a gazillion times in clutch situations in his long career with the Detroit Tigers.  Over and over again, I would hope beyond hope he would do something, and he would strike out.  After all my years of torture, if he had hit one out tonight to win the game, I would forever be convinced that God is a Yankees fan.  So it’s a pretty good thing he struck out.  I don’t think I could worship a Yankee fan.


  1. wait, chris han… does a-rod have any honor?  any code?
    and you say that great books did nothing for you.
    and chris han, your cool points went WAY down with that last comment.  gross.


  2. I gotta admit.  The A-rod ‘swat’ was pretty disgusting in my eyes.  He should have tried to make it look more accidental…
    GO YANKS!!


  3. yes, she’s sexy, but she looks so old!  and not in a good way.  she kind of has that old, dry, used-up look.  wait, jaded look.  sad for such a young girl.  she doesn’t look fresh!


  4. you know, i can’t decide who i want to win.  i like the yanks but i also love a good underdog victory.  as far as the A-rod business — while the refs absolutely made the right call since it was definitely interference, at the same time i could see how A-rod might not have intentionally done it — i mean if you’re running toward 1st and someone is coming after you to tag you out, maybe it’s just instinct to swat the guy away.  doesn’t make it right, but i think the announcer made it sound worse by saying it’s a worthwhile risk to take since it made it sound planned.


  5. That’s why A-Rod gets paid. He does what’s needed to win. Honor? There’s no honor in this rivalry. I admire him for trying to salvage an unsalvagable play.


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