Bye, Tram


Today, the Tigers fired a living legend, Alan Trammell.  Despite the Tigers’ record the last three years, I still adore and respect Tram.  But I admit that his shortcomings as a manager were all too evident this year.  In his defense, I think it is sometimes hard for people who were so great at what they did to sit idly by and watch others try and do it.  (I think this is why very few great players have made great managers.)  So he fidgeted, he tinkered needlessly, he never learned how to truly manage.  It saddens me to see him leave like this, but it was going to end at some point.  I doubt that Tram will manage again in the majors.  But I hope that there is no ill will between the Tigers and him, and that the ties are sufficiently intact that he may soon return and contribute in some capacity to the Tigers family.  But for now, friend, farewell.


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