What’s My Weight?

DIATRIBE OF THE WEEK: Curtis Granderson and Jose Bautista are 1st and 2nd in the AL in homers. I think it’s pretty remarkable, considering that both players are listed at under 200 pounds (Bautista: 6’0, 195; Granderson: 6’1, 185). In a league with big, strong dudes like Dunn or Ortiz or Teixeira, these relatively scrawny guys who would probably blend easily into a crowd are blasting balls out of the park. Good for them, and for Granderson it’s not even a function of the kiddie park he plays in (9 of 20 HRs on the road). But even though these guys are definitely some of the more diminutive sluggers in the league, how come we can’t tell how big they actually are? We’ve all heard how notoriously inaccurate a players “listed” height/weight can be. I mean, for christ’s sake, THIS guy was listed as 6’3, 230 pounds.

230? Uh….REALLY? Look we have the technology to tell in an instant the velocity, break and location of a pitch. How come we can’t point a laser at a guy and just figure out how much he REALLY weighs and how tall he REALLY is? I want to know, pound for pound and inch for inch, just who the best hitter is and I think it’s stupid that I have to listen to the Fielder family insist that they are under 300 pounds and have to take them at their word.

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