Day: May 14, 2012

Inge-sane!…but not an All-Star

Over his last six games, Brandong Inge¬†unbelievably has four separate 4-RBI games, including two grand slams. This has sparked something in the Bay Area called “Ingesanity”. All this for a guy still hitting .188 on the season. One of the radio hosts I was listening to this morning labeled Inge the single most important player on the A’s roster and was actually half-serious. Oakland A’s fans make me sad. (In 2009, Inge posted a .186 average in the second half with a .541 OPS, 19 walks and 85 strikeouts. That is the same season that he was “selected” to the All-Star team, becoming the worst position player All-Star in the history of the sport (other than players selected to satisfy the one player from each team rule), and the same season that he became the first person in history to post an 0 for 4 with 3 strikeouts during the Home Run Derby.)