Day: June 10, 2013

Yasiel Puig Sets Record For Longest Bat Throw

I’ve got to say something about Yasiel Puig. This kid has been ridiculous. Even the legendarily unflappable Vin Scully, who has seen everything over all his years of broadcasting, has gone from skeptical to ebulliently incredulous in a matter of days. Puig has singlehandedly changed the entire feeling around this Dodgers team; everyone has become the best versions of themselves over the past week. I can’t believe that a fantasy manager in my league had the foresight and the patience to have rostered him since day one; well done!

Puig also brought with him from Cuba a pretty awesome bat flip:

I love the way some lefties like Cano and CarGo just fluidly drop the bat after their home run swings; Puig’s righty hammer throw reminds me of Carlos Quentin’s massive bat tosses. I’m not sure if he still does this because he changed his batting stance, but Quentin used to throw his bat astronomically long distances after making contact, it was very amusing. I have a feeling that Puig’s tosses may get longer and longer; if this becomes a major story line or an on deck batter is injured, remember that you saw it here first.