Day: August 5, 2013

Searching for an Adjective for A-Rod

The big news this week is the Biogenesis suspensions handed down by MLB yesterday. And the media is just piling on A-Rod, and I love it. Usually you would feel a little bad for a guy when everyone is so determined to just beat him down, but seriously, the guy has no redeeming qualities as a human being. That seems harsh, but I’m so sick of this garbage. Just go away.

Now, the dumping on A-Rod has been so one-sided that there will be those in the media that pop up to provide contrarian views, because that’s what they do. Some writers will try to defend him, to say that people are being TOO harsh on him or saying that MLB is singling him out. Those writers are just full of crap. A-Rod deserves worse than what is coming to him. He is a human turd.

I got a car wash yesterday and it came with free “fragrance”. I chose “new car” scent, but when I got in my car afterwards, it smelled nothing like a new car. It had this awful, cheap perfume smell that is one of the most unbearable scents of all time. It smells like the dirty, unwashed crotch of a nonagenarian gypsy. It smells like the liquid feces of a lactose intolerant rhinoceros. Basically, it smells like A-Rod. It’s the worst.