Ballpark Tour: Safeco Field

I was able to attend a game at Safeco Field on Saturday night, and it happened to be Ken Griffey Jr. Mariners Hall of Fame Induction Night. That was pretty awesome. Of course the Mariners got blown out 10-0, but it’s a beautiful stadium with some pretty interesting and varied food options. I would definitely put it in my top ten (well, out of the 17 or so ballparks I’ve been to so far).

I hate to say this, but if I’m being objective, out of the six ballparks opened between 1999 and 2001 (AT&T, Minute Maid, Comerica Park, Miller Park, PNC Park, Safeco), Comerica is probably the worst of the bunch. I mean it’s a decent park, but there are too many seats that just feel too far away from the field for some reason and there’s nothing special about the food options. Anyways…

My Existence Is a Curse

Dating back to mid-2011, the Tigers are now 0-7 in games I have attended in person. I celebrated my birthday at the Tigers-A’s game on Friday in Oakland and of course the A’s walked off on our faces. Whatever. And then the Tigers proceeded to beat down the A’s the rest of the weekend. Including last year’s playoffs, the Tigers are now 0-3 when I go and 5-0 when I don’t in their last eight games against the A’s. I spent $500 on a ticket for Game 1 of the World Series last year, which actually turned out to be a pretty great deal because they were good seats and the same seats ended up going for nearly double for Game 2…and it was still a damn waste of damn money. If I had any good sense I would just stop going to games and stick to watching on TV…but I don’t have any good sense. None.