Congratulations and Condolences

Congratulations to…

– The AL West. Each of these teams gets to play Houston 18 times. I mean, DAMN, that team is bad. I will be shocked if at least one AL Wild Card doesn’t come out of the west.

Condolences to…

– Me (or the baseball world). This week, I was bored so I went back and tried to track the results of games I’ve attended in person over the past 7 years or so. During that time, home teams at games I’ve been to have a record of 30-11. That’s a .732 winning percentage. I find that to be such a remarkable winning percentage over a relatively large amount of games that my only conclusion is that I am somehow affecting the results of these games. Everything I do affects baseball, these are the powers I have been given, but I lack the ability to control these powers. I mean, I’m not even rooting for the home team most of the time, but they keep winning. I feel like the telekinetic kid in the movie Looper, who can’t control his powers and inadvertently keeps killing people. This kid basically ends up becoming the antichrist, so I’m not sure where I’m going with this. Okay, so yeah, everything that happens is my fault technically, but I’m not doing it on purpose. And I am not the antichrist.

My Existence Is a Curse

Dating back to mid-2011, the Tigers are now 0-7 in games I have attended in person. I celebrated my birthday at the Tigers-A’s game on Friday in Oakland and of course the A’s walked off on our faces. Whatever. And then the Tigers proceeded to beat down the A’s the rest of the weekend. Including last year’s playoffs, the Tigers are now 0-3 when I go and 5-0 when I don’t in their last eight games against the A’s. I spent $500 on a ticket for Game 1 of the World Series last year, which actually turned out to be a pretty great deal because they were good seats and the same seats ended up going for nearly double for Game 2…and it was still a damn waste of damn money. If I had any good sense I would just stop going to games and stick to watching on TV…but I don’t have any good sense. None.